First, these guys are good.
Not a single painting involves any computer reproduction. All are uniquely handmade, painted by passionate, yet professional artists whose mission is to accurately re-craft the masterpieces as closely as humanly possible.

Second, cost is king.
You want to own an original masterpiece, but perhaps you don't possess the financial resources. Many of these works in the original are not even for sale. Van Gogh's "Irises," for example, was auctioned off at over $50 million. Donde & Partner sells indistinguishable replicas of this and other pieces for under $5,000. Insurance is also much less expensive for one of these items. "Priceless originals are usually either displayed behind museum security glass or locked away in safes, where the general public has no chance of ever seeing them," says Professor Donde.

Third, knowledge is power.
Learn about the world of art through these works. Placing "Sunflowers" or "Starry Night" on your living room walls will not only contribute to the education of your children, but also help them to appreciate art. Most artists develop the taste for their craft through exposure to great art. At whatever age, regular exposure to the handcrafted creations of past masters cannot but inspire you.

Fourth, Hollywood is calling.
Think about putting a Donde reproduction in your next movie about well-to-do collectors. If art dealers and critics can't tell the difference, we guarantee your audience won't either.