Who buys Donde & Partner reproductions?
More people than you realize.

Lovers of art
Art lovers around the world, especially on the European continent, have long known about Donde & Partner's dazzling creations. His "Le Musee Imaginaire" opened to the public in 1986 and has been receiving rave reviews from art lovers as well as experts ever since.

Many celebrities have long known about Donde's creations. To name a few: Liz Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Madonna, Prince Albert of Monaco, Pope John Paul II, Michael Jackson, and the late Princess Diana. "Diana was a very good customer of mine," says Professor Donde, who mentions that in the Princess' New York apartment hung no less than 12 Faux-Renoirs, Degases, and Toulouse-Lautrecs. The late Gianni Versace bought over 40 pieces of Donde's Faux-Art, though he never revealed his taste for fake art during his lifetime.

Corporate Connoisseurs
Donde's Faux-Art has also been used by corporate clients in a variety of capacities, such as decoration, education, and even as the background for movies. Clients have included hotels, stores, interior designers, the film industry, and other businesses - even museums. Corporations realize not only that Faux-Art looks like the real thing, but that it also establishes security against theft.

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